Patient Information

You may independently seek out my services and work with me. (self-referral)

  • A physician’s referral is not needed at the time of service.  
  • A referral is needed if we continue to work together for an extended period of time, or if you do not make progress.
  • The Best You Physical Therapy will work with your physician to obtain this and provide you with the best care possible.

Your first visit will consist of a thorough history taking, external orthopedic examination, and a highly skilled internal assessment, when indicated, to determine the reasons for your symptoms and develop a plan of care.

Treatment also begins on the first day so that your recovery process starts immediately. The number and type of treatments vary per patient and diagnosis. However, treatments are typically once a week.

On the day of your appointment, I will arrive at your home with all equipment necessary to assess and treat you.

  • I will need space to set up a table. (Some clients prefer to have their sessions on their own bed.) Your comfort is key.
  • I will bring linens and positioning pillows.
    • If you would like to supply extra sheets or use your own pillows, that is completely  acceptable.
  • A quiet, calming environment is a must. The focus is on you and your healing.
  • We will need time to address all of your concerns and develop a plan together
  • If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. 

The Best You Physical Therapy is considered an out-of-network provider.

  • This means that there are no insurance limitations on treatment methods used, or when they are utilized. All evaluations and treatments will be determined by Dr. MacLeod and they will be individualized to your specific needs. Since there are no insurance regulations to follow, patients should see improvements sooner.
  • Most insurances have out-of-network benefits. This means that you could still be reimbursed for your care. It is helpful to call your insurance provider and learn what your out-of-network benefits are. You will be provided with a detailed bill after each appointment. You can use this to seek partial reimbursement from your insurance provider.
  • Please contact The Best You Physical Therapy to learn more about how you could get reimbursed for your physical therapy services.
  • **Out-of-Network worksheet.pdf **

Initial Physical Therapy Evaluation

  • The initial evaluation can last between one to two hours depending on need and diagnosis. 

Follow Up Treatments

  • Follow up sessions are typically one hour
  • The duration in between follow-ups is based on need and diagnoses 

Please note: A Professional fee may be assessed depending on travel distance.

Initial phone consultations are free of charge

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