Group Classes

Pregnancy and Health

A course that will detail how physical therapy can help prepare your body for birth. We will review different labor positions, go over strategies to prevent tearing, and offer knowledge surrounding your immediate postpartum needs. I will provide lots of handouts, have a power point presentation, and offer some goodies. There will also be a small lab to practice some exercises and labor positions with a partner.

This is offered as a single informational night, with lab and Q&A time.

(Min group size 4, Contact for prices)

Abdominal Rehab

A course for postpartum mothers. Your abdominal muscles will be assessed for strength and any separation. You will learn exercises that are safe for you to perform, as well as gain some knowledge regarding the anatomy of your postpartum body. The exercises will be advanced for you, when your body is ready. This is a class that works well with a small group.

This is offered as a 4 week hands-on series. Each session is 1 hour long and once a week.

(Min group size 3, $180 per person)

Group classes are offered periodically as well as by request.

Grab some friends and host a class. It is a fun way to get healthy together.


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